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6 DVDs, 3 CDs and a 72-page booklet

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Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, Finnish, Swedish, German

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Films: Rax Rinnekangas & Music: Pascal Gaigne.

The box set contains the films: A journey to Eden (2011), Water Marked (2012), The Last Life of Lucifer (2013), Theo’s House (2014), Circles & Stones (2016), The Last Bookshop of The World (2017).

From their spiritual themes to their sacred music, these films continue the cinema art genre of the old school era, when cinema was more deep thinking and feeling than simple action.

Rax Rinnekangas is a disciple of the most personal European auteur cinema, with a fascination for such artists as Andrei Tarkovsky, Theo Angelopoulos and Victor Erice. His filmography can be divided into two different approaches, which often overlap and create a crossover style that can be described as “documentary fiction.” Since 2011, Rinnekangas has directed fictional feature films that are often based either on novels or treat themes such as literature and other arts. Rinnekangas’ films are often international productions. The most important feature films by Rinnekangas are Journey to Eden (2011), Water Marked (2012), Last Life of Lucifer (2013), Theo’s House (2015), Circle & Stones (2016) and The Last Bookshop of the World (2017). Pascal Gaigne, award-winning French composer, composed the scores for each of them, creating a variety of moods that range from the sacred to the profane­­—from spirituality to jazz and songs. The long sequences conceived as a communion between image and music have made the collaboration between Rinnekangas and Gaigne one of the most interesting, refreshing and celebrated in current European cinema.

The box set includes six DVDs with the six films of Rinnekangas-Gaigne, all remastered, as well as three 3 CDs with more than 80 minutes of previously unreleased music (including for the first time the scores of The Last Bookshop of the World and Circle & Stones) and a 72-page book with texts and essays by journalist and writer Oti Rodríguez Marchante, film director Miguel Angel Barroso and film music critic Fréderic Torres.

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